So my course description has been approved by the English Department and I’m slated for teaching American Literature’s Spirits in Spring 2014. This feels like a ways away but here it is. Still in its baby stages of course: English 90 Course Description: American Literature’s Spirits American literature has a thing for ghosts. Think of […]

My friend Kristen got married a few weeks ago at the Strathmore mansion in Bethesda, Maryland. It’s really a beautiful spot that also happens to be a gallery, which is currently running an exhibition called Skin. Among other things, the exhibit recreates an early 20th -century tattoo parlor , which I would have loved to have […]

So I’m at the Darmouth Institute for the week, in my dorm room at the moment, furiously typing at 2:30 AM.  This makes sense. There’s so much to think about with 2 plenary sessions a day (6 presenters in total) and a seminar in the afternoon that meets daily. It’s only the second day and I’ve been so […]

I’m getting real psyched for the course I’ll be teaching in the fall with the Thompson Writing Program at Duke. I’m working on my course description (which is a work-in-progress). I figure I’ll post what I have so far so I can document the stages that will lead to my syllabus. This specific course description […]

“There are no parallels to the life of the concentration camps. Its horror can never be fully embraced by the imagination for the very reason that it stands outside of life and death. It can never be fully reported for the very reason that the survivor returns to the world of the living, which make […]

I watched Tarkovsky’s film adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s 1961 novel, Solaris, today and I think it warrants a blog-post. The film follows Kris, aptly given the surname Kelvin, who is a scientist of Solaris, a peculiar electro-magnetic ocean on a foreign planet. The project lasts for years with a space ship and scientists commissioned to orbit Solaris in order to better […]

I had my first meeting with Fred Moten about my prelims this Friday, 4.13.2012 and Oh boy! is my brain thinking after this one. Of the various things that came up during the meeting was secularism in the history of Jewish Studies. I expressed my uneasy feelings about having been brought up in an orthodox […]