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Solaris (1972) and Queer Science

I watched Tarkovsky’s film adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s 1961 novel, Solaris, today and I think it warrants a blog-post. The film follows Kris, aptly given the surname Kelvin, who is a scientist of Solaris, a peculiar electro-magnetic ocean on a foreign planet. The project lasts for years with a space ship and scientists commissioned to orbit Solaris in order to better […]

The Secular Turn and Jewish Studies, Houdini, and Liberation Narratives

I had my first meeting with Fred Moten about my prelims this Friday, 4.13.2012 and Oh boy! is my brain thinking after this one. Of the various things that came up during the meeting was secularism in the history of Jewish Studies. I expressed my uneasy feelings about having been brought up in an orthodox […]

Science of Attraction and Gold! Gold! Gold! as Love-Object

Oh Queer Science prelims list: I’m so excited by you, and yet,  you can be so damning. This is definitely going to be the list that gives me the most headache in terms of its actual construction. I’m beginning to realize that it’s not simply a list of “queer theory” and “science studies”—no, not that at all. I definitely […]

Geometry of Desire

I alluded to a kind of geometry of desire in my last entry on Djuna Barnes’ Nightwood. I’ve been thinking about this more, so I’d like to riff off this idea in a separate post. Eve Sedgwick discusses the love triangle in Between Men that is often comprised of two men and one woman; I like to […]